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On this site you could find the best Java books list covering all aspects of Java development and suitable as for beginners as well as for advanced Java developers. There are books in two formats – Paperback or eBook, which you could download to your Kindle or other device.

Recommended books


  • Best Books for Java – selection of some of the top programming books, as for beginners as well as for advanced Java developers.
  • Free Books for Java – some free books, mainly for download in electronic version.
  • Beginners Books for Java – great for beginning learn Java Programming language.
  • Advanced Books for Java – section for advanced Java developers. If you are Java Pro and would like to know some tips and advanced optimization techniques then this is the right place for you.
  • Java 8 Books – selection of Java 8 books
  • Java 9 Books – selection of Java 9 books for those who like to learn the most recent Java version.
  • Java Database Books – All about databses, you will find how to use Java with MySQL and Oracle here.
  • Java Certification Books – If you would like to take a Java certification exam, then you should check these books.