What is WebSphere? Java, J2EE, Portal and Beyond! (Demystifying IBM’s Middle Tier Technology)

What is WebSphere? is the reference you need to start understanding, managing, and capitalizing on an IBM based, WebSphere infrastructure. As a developer, mentor and technical trainer, the author, Cameron McKenzie, has been preaching the virtues of WebSphere for years. However, in his sermons, the same questions keep coming up, over and over again. What is WebSphere? tackles those questions in a funny, informative and easy to understand manner. This book is the best tool around for demystifying IBM's middle-tier technology. What is WebSphere? tackles those 'need to know' questions to which both WebSphere soldiers and J2EE neophytes need to have the answers. If you want to learn about WebSphere in a hurry, but you don't want to read a 700 page textbook that is littered with unreadable code, this is the book for you. In fact, the author promises right off the bat to demystify WebSphere without throwing all sorts of HTML and Java code in your face. Of course, the author breaks that promise on about half a dozen pages, but the sentiment remains. Whether you're a DBA, a senior systems analyst, a project manager, or a Java developer, there is knowledge in this book that you absolutely need to have..... The sections on demystifying J2EE and the WebSphere runtime environment will empower project managers to make more effective management decisions. The section on connection pooling and JDBC management will enlighten DBAs. The advanced sections on WebSphere classloaders, Java Naming (JNDI) and session management will enable developers to better leverage the services afforded to them by the WebSphere Application Server. And the sections on the WebSphere runtime will help J2EE architects make more enlightened infrastructure decisions. It doesn't matter who you are - if you are using WebSphere, you need the knowledge contained in this book! Order your copy now! www.portorials.com www.scja.com

Author: Cameron W McKenzie

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