WAP Servlets: Developing Dynamic Web Content With Java and WML (With CD-ROM)

Get ready for the wireless Internet revolution with this complete guide to WAP servlets The wireless Internet is expanding rapidly and could be as big or bigger than the wired Internet. The vehicle that will deliver the wireless Internet is the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) with the help of Java servlets. This book provides developers and programmers with the necessary information to prepare for this wireless revolution. It includes in-depth coverage on javax servlets, Wireless Mark-Up Language servlets, and configurations of development environments. Developers will understand the rationale for developing servlets for WAP browsers, how to develop servlets using the Java class, and a description of all the features available in WML. For additional insight, real-world code examples are integrated throughout the book as well. CD-ROM includes JSDK, Phone.Com's SDK, Nokia's SDK, and other useful public domain software.

Author: John L. Cook III

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