The Oracle Data Relationship Management 11 Guide: Successful Implementation Essentials

Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) is a highly customizable and powerful Master Data Management (MDM) software platform, utilized to streamline the management of data elements in an organization. The solution provides users with the ability to manage data elements, hierarchies, and supporting data element information in a central location with integration to upstream and downstream systems. This color book, filled with screenshots and diagrams, examines the functionality of the Oracle DRM software solution, the integration points, and steps for implementation success. Project management topics from planning the implementation through to testing and maintenance are discussed, and the book provides a comprehensive reference for the user community. The Oracle Data Relationship Management 11 Guide is aimed at DRM developers and business users, and focuses on providing an understanding of the product whilst acclimating users to the software. It provides an in-depth understanding on how to integrate DRM's powerful functionality into an operational business environment. Learn the Steps Needed to Accomplish Master Data Management Project Success Build a DRM Data Model with Hierarchies, Properties, and Validations Integrate DRM with Upstream and Downstream Systems Explore the Data Relationship Governance Workflow Module Learn the Methods behind Application Maintenance and Migrations

Author: Jeff Flak

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