The answers of the assignments of Java quizmaster for beginners: Teacher’s Guide (Volume 2)

In this manual you will find all the answers of the questions and the chapter assignments. The book Java quizmaster for beginners is intended to learn Java. Students who can master the content of the book will be able to work as a beginner Java programmer. I recommend beginner programmers to avoid cutting and pasting code, but typing it. By typing the code you will learn from the error messages of the compiler. In every subject, you have specific parts that you need to understand, but also parts that you need to memorize. In math, for example you need to memorize the multiplication table, because that makes complicated calculations easier. By learning programming you also need to memorize some parts. By typing the code, you start to understand the structure of the program. Many beginners who have the habit of cutting and pasting code don't know how to start writing code from scratch. They often seek other programs to modify it to their wishes. On, you can find more information about this book and how to setup the code in Eclipse.

Author: Sar Maroof

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