TeenCoder: Java Programming

Do you have a high school student interested in learning computer programming? "TeenCoder: Java Programming" is the award-winning first-semester course in the TeenCoder Java Series. The textbook introduces 9th+ grade students to computer science concepts and the Java language. Students will use the free Eclipse development environment to create Java programs and learn object-oriented programming techniques. Courses are written for high school students in a fun, hands-on, self-study format. No teacher expertise is required; students learn on their own! Each chapter explains a programming concept in detail with corresponding sample code. In hands-on chapter activities the student will write their own programs based on the lesson topics. Students are encouraged to be creative and personalize their programming projects! Optional instructional videos are available from the publisher's website for the audio-visual learner. Chapter topics include: creating graphical applications, using dialog controls, Java data types and variables, user input and flow control, math and string operations, debugging, and other foundational computer science concepts. This first-semester course is a prerequisite to the second-semester "TeenCoder: Android Programming" course. Students looking for year-round fun can purchase both courses at a discount in the TeenCoder Java Year Pack from the publisher's website. This is a FULL CURRICULUM which includes tests, answers, a Solution Guide, and fully coded activity solutions. Perfect for the homeschool student seeking a computer science credit, or any student looking for a fun self-study unit. FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT is offered to all customers through Homeschool Programming, Inc.'s website. Students must have a Windows PC or Mac OS computer meeting the course's hardware and software requirements.

Author: Inc. Homeschool Programming

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