System Design Interview – An insider’s guide

This goal of this book is to provide a reliable and easy to understand strategy to approach system design questions. The process and justification of your ideas are the most important things in system design interviews. Thus the combination of right strategy and knowledge is vital to the success of your interview. Some candidates fail because lack of knowledge while some fail because they do not find the right way to approach the problem. This book provides valuable ways to fix both problems. By the time you finish the book, you are exceptionally well-equipped to tackle any system design questions. About the author Alex is an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur. He enjoys hand-on engineering and the thrill of working on a variety of software products including business applications, web apps and mobile apps. He has worked at Apple and Twitter among other internet companies. While not doing software development, Alex enjoys hiking and gaming. During the job interviews, he learned many things about system design interviews and achieved many successes. But, it is very time consuming to find the effective materials to prepare the interview, so Alex wrote this book offering the best knowledge to ace the design interviews. Alex hopes this book will save you a lot of time, energy to master the system design questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: SCALE FROM ZERO TO TEN MILLION USERS CHAPTER TWO: DESIGN CONSISTENT HASHING CHAPTER THREE: DESIGN A KEY-VALUE STORE CHAPTER FOUR: DESIGN A URL SHORTENER

Author: Alex

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