Start Concurrent: An Introduction to Problem Solving in Java with a Focus on Concurrency, 2014

Multicore microprocessors are now at the heart of nearly all desktop and laptop computers. While these chips offer exciting opportunities for the creation of newer and faster applications, they also challenge students and educators. How can the new generation of computer scientists growing up with multicore chips learn to program applications that exploit this latent processing power? This unique book is an attempt to introduce concurrent programming to first-year computer science students, much earlier than most competing products. This book assumes no programming background but offers broad coverage of Java. It includes over 150 numbered and numerous inline examples, as well as more than 300 exercises categorized as conceptual, programming, and experiments. The problem-oriented approach presents a problem, explains supporting concepts, outlines necessary syntax, and finally provides its solution. All programs in the book are available for download and experimentation.


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