Start Building RESTful Microservices using Akka HTTP with Scala: A Quick Start Guide to building Microservices using Akka HTTP with Scala in a One-Week Read

Start Building RESTful Microservices using Akka-HTTP is a useful book for beginners. Reading this book is a great enjoyment! You can master in Akka-HTTP skill quickly. I wrote this book for those who want to start developing REST API right away. I assume you have a basic understanding of Scala. I don't exhaustively list all feature of Akka HTTP. I don't make you suffer through long and contrived example. I tried to explain every topic of this book with short and easy to understand examples with test-cases. At the end of the book in the "Leave Your Comments" section, you can find the links of multiple sample projects of Akka HTTP, created by Knoldus Software LLP. You can find various Akka HTTP templates with frameworks like Angular.js, Spark Et al. In this book, you'll learn: * The advantage of using Microservice * Introduction to Akka HTTP * How to build server-side API * How to build client-side API * WebSocket support using Akka HTTP

Author: Ayush Kumar Mishra

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