Spring Messaging

Spring Messaging is an evolving new platform with extensions into the changing enterprise and cloud applications landscape. This book covers all the Spring Messaging APIs. Written by an EMC-Pivotal engineer, Spring Messaging is an authoritative guide to the many Spring messaging APIs and how to use these with the Spring Framework 4. In this book, learn and build messaging applications or features over the Web; use WebSocket, SockJS, and STOMP Messaging; use Spring JMS (Java Message Service) and Spring AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). Secondly and more importantly, learn and integrate these messaging APIs with more complex enterprise or cloud applications. For example, use Spring Pub/Sub with Redis and integrate with Spring XD for big data batch processing type applications. After reading or using this book, you should come away with a case study application walk-thru and may be able to use some or parts of it as a template or blueprint for building your own Spring messaging applications or messaging features within your enterprise or cloud application scenario.

Author: Felipe Gutierrez

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