Spring High Performance: Create, monitor and tune performance for Spring applications

Optimization techniques to get high performing applications with SpringKey FeaturesUnderstand the common performance pitfalls and improve the performance of your applicationGet to grips with Parallel programming and concurrency with SpringBuild & Deploy Strategies for large and complex applications with the help of Microservices architectureBook DescriptionWhile writing an application, performance is paramount. Performance tuning for real-world applications often involves activities geared towards finding bottlenecks, however this alone cannot solve the dreaded problem of slow code. With the recent developments in Spring, there is a strong focus on performance improvements.If you want to improve the speed of your code and optimize the performance of your apps, then this book is for you.The book starts by taking a deep dive into the JVM, analysing the JVM internals and tuning it. It then proceeds to evaluate the various specification of Spring to identify those affecting performance adversely. It will help you identify the bottlenecks in Spring programming and highlight common performance pitfalls, along with strategies to detect and resolve these issues early. You will learn about bean wiring configuration, Aspect Oriented programming, database interaction and Hibernate to help us zero down on the metrics to be used that help in identifying the performance bottlenecks. Gradually we look at techniques that help us achieve high performance: scaling, multithreading, concurrent programming and caching. We will also look at fault tolerance solutions and the importance of logging. Lastly, the book will show you how to leverage microservices architecture to build a high performing application and to secure and implement resilience in your applications.By the end of the book you will gain insight into the various techniques and solutions that will help create high performance application in Spring environment.What you will learnGain a solid foundation on JVM performance tuning using various tools.Understand the best programming practices and performance improvement with Bean Wiring.Analyse performance of various AOP implementations and learn how AOP can be used for performance profiling spring application.Explore database interaction with Spring to optimise design and configuration.Solve Hibernate performance issues and traps.Leverage multithreading and concurrent programming for improved application performanceLearn key concepts of microservice architecture and how to monitor them.Spring Boot performance tuning, monitoring and health check.Who This Book Is ForThis book is targeted towards Spring developers who are eager to start building applications, and want to take better control of application's performance in production and development. Prior knowledge about Spring framework and common GOF design patterns is expected.About the AuthorRajeev Gupta is MTech Computer Science from IETE Delhi. He is a experience Java corporate trainer with more than twelve years of experience in the IT training and development. He is specializing in OOAD, Java 8, GOF Design patterns, Spring, Hibernate , JEE 7 and relevant technologies. He is Helping technology organizations by training their fresh and senior engineers in key technologies and processes. Few of his repeated satisfied client Nucleus Software Kronos Noida,Sun Life Financial,Gemalto, HCL Technologies, Steria, Bank Of America , MakeMyTrip, Capgemini India, CenturyLink, Deloitte consulting.

Author: Rajeev Gupta

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