Spring 5.0 By Example: Learn and understand the new features of most popular java framework and build amazing robust applications

Discover the real power of Spring Framework 5.0, and learn step-by-step how to create powerful applications in the newest version of Spring FrameworkKey FeaturesImplement a reactive application with Spring Webflux and learn reactive programmingCreate a robust and scalable messaging application with spring messaging supportCreate amazing microservices applications with Spring Cloud and Spring BootBook DescriptionOrganizations today are looking for systems that are more robust. That is the reason why Spring Framework becomes a most popular framework for java development, Spring makes it extremely simple and also improve the developer productivity.On the new version, Spring enters on reactive world and provides a full support for reactive programming also we will present the Kotlin language which one has the compatibility with this new version.At the beginning we will learn how to construct a CMS Portal using the Spring support to build REST APIs, also we will integrate these APIs with AngularJS, the famous JavaScript framework.On the second part, we will build an amazing messaging application, which one will consume the Twitter API and make some filtering and transformations, also we will explain the Spring websockets support. We will present how kotlin is supported in the new version of the framework.In the last part, we will build a real microservice application, with the most important techniques and patterns, like service discovery, circuit breakers, security, data streams, monitoring and a lot of stuff with this kind of architecture requiresWhat you will learnImplement a REST APIs with Spring REST supportIntroduce the Spring Boot and understand how it makes it extremely simple to create robust applications Understanding how can Spring Data help us to add persistence in MongoDB and SQL databasesIntroduce the Reactive Programming and use this with Spring Webflux, the new feature added in Spring 5Implement a Reactive REST client and how it can be useful to create asynchronous applicationsUnderstand the messaging support and create a robust, scalable and fault tolerant application with Spring MessagingImplement a websocket to add interactive behaviors in our applicationsIntroduce the Spring Cloud projectsWho This Book Is ForYou as a developer would improve your skills and learn how to build systems that are more robust, resilient, flexible that attends a modern application requirements.This book can be helpful for different levels of expertise, if you are a beginner you will meet new concepts in Spring Framework and learn how to implement these concepts in Java and Kotlin, or if you are an intermediate you will find the new features added in Spring 5.0 . At the end of this book, you will be able to build amazing microservices applications and discover the real power of Spring Framework.

Author: Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

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