Scala Design Patterns – Second Edition

Key FeaturesUnleash the power of Scala and apply it in the real world.Learn about using and implementing Creational, Structural, Behavioural and Functional design patterns in Scala.Build scalable and extendable applications quickly and efficiently.Book DescriptionDesign patterns make developer's lives easier by helping them write great software that is easy to maintain, runs efficiently and is valuable to the company or people concerned. You will learn about the various features of Scala and will be able to apply well-known, industry-proven design patterns in your work.The book starts off by focusing on some of the most interesting and latest features of Scala while using practical real-world examples. We will also cover the popular "Gang of Four" design patterns and show you how to incorporate functional patterns effectively. The book ends with a practical example that demonstrates how the presented material can be combined in real life applications. You will learn the necessary concepts to build enterprise grade applications. By the end of this book, you will have enough knowledge and understanding to quickly assess problems and come up with elegant solutions.What you will learnImmerse yourself in industry-standard design patterns-structural, creational, and behavioral-to create extraordinary applicationsFeel the power of traits and their applications in ScalaImplement abstract and self types and build clean design patternsBuild complex entity relationships using structural design patternsCreate applications faster by applying functional design patterns

Author: Ivan Nikolov

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