Reactive Streams in Java: Concurrency with RxJava, Reactor, and Akka Streams

Get an easy introduction to reactive streams in Java to handle concurrency, data streams, and the propagation of change in today's applications. This compact book includes in-depth introductions to RxJava, Akka Streams, and Reactor, and integrates the latest related features from Java 9 and 11, as well as reactive streams programming with the Android SDK.   Reactive Streams in Java explains how to manage the exchange of stream data across an asynchronous boundary―passing elements on to another thread or thread-pool―while ensuring that the receiving side is not forced to buffer arbitrary amounts of data which can reduce application efficiency.  After reading and using this book, you'll be proficient in programming reactive streams for Java in order to optimize application performance, and improve memory management and data exchanges.      What You Will LearnDiscover reactive streams and how to use themWork with the latest features in Java 9 and Java 11Apply reactive streams using RxJava Program using Akka StreamsCarry out reactive streams programming in Android   Who This Book Is For Experienced Java programmers.  

Author: Adam L. Davis

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