Reactive Programming in Spring 5.0

Key FeaturesLearn what kind of system the modern business wants.Unlock deeper levels of insight into the Reactive Programming and Spring 5 Framework.Apply your knowledge to build, test, and release real Reactive System.Book DescriptionToday, the business needs a new type of systems that can remain responsive at any time. This result is achievable, and in our day this kind of System is called Reactive, that means - reacts to changes. The development of such systems is a complex task, required the deep understanding of the domain. Fortunately, the value of this approach was seen by the developers of the Spring Framework, and as a result, a new, reactive version of the project was developed. With this book, you will dive into the fascinating story of developing a reactive system using the Spring Framework 5.Beginning with the foundations of Spring Reactive Programming, you will learn the possibilities of the Framework, get an understanding of the fundamentals of Reactivity. Further, the story thread will hook a lot of decisions that will allow creating a full-fledged Reactive System; you will study the techniques of Reactive Programming, learn how to apply it to databases and as well for cross-server communication. All that things will be considered in the real project example, will enable the developer to exercise learned skills in practice and will turn it all on to the Reactive Revolution with Spring 5!What you will learnGet a clear distinguish between Reactive System and Reactive ProgrammingUnderstand benefits of Reactive SystemUnderstand the application of Reactive SystemFind out how to use Reactive Programming in Spring 5Get an understanding of Project ReactorBuild Reactive System using Spring 5 and Project ReactorCreate highly efficient Reactive Microservice with Spring CloudTest, monitor and release the Reactive ApplicationAbout the AuthorOleh Dokuka is a passionate Software Engineer with more than seven years of Software Engineering in different areas. During the last three years, the Author has been working on the development of Enterprise Software and Distributed Systemes, especially using Spring Stack. From the very beginning of Spring 5 development, the Author has been keeping his hand on the pulse of the framework's evolution and has already given a few interesting speech about Spring 5, Reactive Programming in Spring 5 and Project Reactor.Igor Lozynskyi is a Senior Java Developer primarily focused on the development of reliable, scalable, and blazingly fast systems. Has over 7 years of experience with Java platform. Passionate about interesting and dynamic projects both in life and in software development.

Author: Oleh Dokuka

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