Quick and Easy Java Interview Preparation: For Frequently Asked Questions – Algorithms

The technical interview is usually an exhaustive process as interviewers evaluate the candidate for coding competence and programming concepts. Every professional needs a certain amount of interview preparation to refresh concepts and practice coding for a quick response before the interviewer.This book helps java programmers to prepare for a technical interview. The questions have been put together after 15 years of experience interviewing for full time positions in hundreds of silicon-valley companies. Initially this material was prepared for personal use. After receiving positive feedback from friends and colleagues who successfully used the material to land a job, it has been compiled to the current format. Although there are multiple java programming books and online tutorials available, they are exhaustive and are not useful for interview preparation in a short period of time. This course material is designed to be concise so that important concepts can be reviewed quickly before an interview. This is a sincere effort to make technical interview preparation as simple and easy as possible.

Author: Rajini Adhikesavan

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