Programming Kotlin

Key FeaturesGet a thorough introduction to KotlinLearn to use Java code alongside Kotlin without any hiccupsGet a full coverage of null safety, Generics, and many more interesting featuresBook DescriptionKotlin has been making waves ever since it was open sourced by JetBrains in 2011, it has been praised by developers across the world and is already being adopted by several companies. This book will provide a detailed introduction to Kotlin, familiarize you with all its features and enable you to write Kotlin code to production.We start off with the basics, get you familiar with running Kotlin code, setting up, tools, and instructions that you can use to write basic programs. Next we cover object oriented code, functions, lambdas and properties all while using Kotlin’s new features.From here we move on to null safety aspects and type parameterization. We show you how to destructure expressions and even write your own. We alsotake you through important topics like testing, concurrency, microservices and a whole lot more. By the end of this book you will be able to compose different services and build your own applications.What you will learnUse new features to write structured and readable object-oriented codeFind out how to use lambdas and higher order functions to write clean, reusable, and simple codeWrite unit tests and integrate Kotlin tests with Java code in a transitioning code baseWrite real-world production code in Kotlin in the style of microservicesLeverage Kotlin’s extensions to the Java collections libraryUse destructuring expressions and find out how to write your ownWrite code that avoids null pointer errors and see how Java-nullable code can integrate with features in a Kotlin codebaseDiscover how to write functions in Kotlin, see the new features available, and extend existing librariesLearn to write an algebraic data types and figure out when they should be usedAbout the AuthorStephen Samuel is an accomplished developer with over 17 years of experience. He enjoys working with Scala and Java and has a passion for concurrency and big data technologies. Having spent the last few years in investment banking, he is currently working with Kotlin on a major big data project.Stefan Bocutiu is a Big Data consultant with over 13 years of experience in software development. He enjoys coding in Scala, C# and has a passion for stream processing technologies. With the team at DataMountaineer - consultancy company offering delivery of solutions for streaming/ fast data platforms, he focuses on providing scalable, unified, real-time data pipelines allowing reactive decision making, analytics and Hadoop integration.

Author: Stephen Samuel

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