Programming Essentials Using Java: A Game Application Approach

Designed as a one semester, Java textbook for beginning programmers, this book uses game programming as a central pedagogical tool to improve student engagement, learning outcomes, and retention. The game programming is incorporated into the text in a way that does not compromise the amount of material traditionally covered in a basic programming course and permits instructors who are not familiar with game programming to realize its pedagogical advantages. The book assumes the reader has no prior programming experience. Comprehensive companion files accompany the text with source code, projects, and figures from the text. The book is in compliance with the ACM/IEEE computer science curriculum guidelines, AP Computer Science courses, and the AP Computer Science A exam.Features:•Material in the book is in compliance with the ACM/IEEE computer science and AP Computer Science curriculum guidelines•Uses examples and applications from game programming to motivate students and enhance learning and includes material on the programming of mobile applications •Numerous instructor resources available upon adoption

Author: William McAllister

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