Pro Spring Security: Securing Spring Framework 5 and Boot 2-based Java Applications

Build and deploy secure Spring Framework and Spring Boot-based enterprise Java applications with the Spring Security Framework. This book explores a comprehensive set of functionalities to implement industry-standard authentication and authorization mechanisms for Java applications.Pro Spring Security, Second Edition has been updated to incorporate the changes in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2. It is an advanced tutorial and reference that guides you through the implementation of the security features for a Java web application by presenting consistent examples built from the ground up.This book also provides you with a broader look into Spring security by including up-to-date use cases such as building a security layer for RESTful web services and Grails applications.What You Will LearnExplore the scope of security and how to use the Spring Security FrameworkMaster Spring security architecture and design Secure the web tier in Spring Work with alternative authentication providersTake advantage of business objects and logic securityExtend Spring security with other frameworks and languagesSecure the service layerWho This Book Is ForExperienced Spring and Java developers with prior experience in building Spring Framework or Boot-based applications.

Author: Carlo Scarioni

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