Pro Spring Boot 2: An Authoritative Guide to Building Microservices, Web and Enterprise Applications, and Best Practices

Quickly and productively develop complex Spring applications and microservices out of the box, with minimal concern over things like configurations. This revised book, Pro Spring Boot 2, will show you how to fully leverage the Spring Boot 2 micro-framework and how to apply it through the use of case studies.  It will also cover what's been added to Spring Boot 2 including WebFlux and more.This book is your authoritative hands-on practical guide for increasing your enterprise Java and cloud application productivity while decreasing development time. It's a no-nonsense guide with case studies of increasing complexity throughout the book. The author, a senior consultant with the Spring team, shares his experience, insights, and first-hand knowledge in showing case studies and best practices that are found throughout this book.Similar to the best-selling Pro Spring, Pro Spring Boot 2 is an essential book for your Spring learning and reference library.What You Will LearnConfigure Spring Boot Use the Spring Boot ActuatorCarry out web development with Spring BootBuild enterprise applications with Spring BootTest and deploy with Spring BootExtend Spring Boot and its available plug-insWho This Book Is ForExperienced Spring and Java developers seeking increased productivity gains and decreased complexity and development time in their applications and software services.

Author: Felipe Gutierrez

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