Practical Android: 14 Complete Projects on Advanced Techniques and Approaches

Choose the best approach for your app and implement your solution quickly by leveraging complete projects. This book is a collection of practical projects that use advanced Android techniques and approaches, written by Android instructor Mark Wickham. Mark has taught a series of popular classes at Android development conferences since 2013 and Practical Android covers content from his most popular classes. Each chapter covers an important concept and provides you with a deep dive into the implementation.The book is an ideal resource for developers who have some development experience, but may not be Android or mobile development experts. Each chapter includes at least one complete project to show the reader how to implement the concepts. What You'll LearnApply JSON in AndroidWork with connectivity, which covers all aspects of HTTP in AndroidDetermine if your server is reachableUse lazy loading, a common pattern for most apps and which is not trivial to implementTake advantage of remote crashlogs to implement a solution for your apps so you know when they crash and can provide timely fixesImplement push messaging to take your app to the next level Develop with Android Audio, which provides complete coverage of all the Android audio APIs and synthesis engines Who This Book Is ForThose with prior experience with using Android and have a strong Java background.

Author: Mark Wickham

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