Polymorphism in Java: Methods and polymorphic algorithms applied to computer games

The creation of polymorphic algorithms is a necessary skill for programmers who intend to write reusable code.This book stands out for teaching programming based on polymorphism. Abundant examples in Java code and illustrative graphics of the main ideas related to the topic: Polymorphism in Java.The book "Polymorphism in Java" aims to give a modern and updated vision when learning Java and in the particular subject of polymorphic algorithms. Students, teachers and developers will be able to find a sequence of design patterns that create and use polymorphic algorithms, these design patterns can be applied to solving problems of computer systems and everyday life.A professional in the Java language can benefit from the book "Polymorphism in Java" by finding an innovative way to solve problems with polymorphic algorithms. The design patterns, analyzed in this work, are based on the inheritance between classes. Currently the difficulties of the Java language have been overcome to a large extent and it is easy to understand and apply.The book aims to teach fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming with Java SE, in a clear and practical way, significantly reducing the learning curve. In the process you will learn to program computers and use the Java SE language.Goals:•The present work intends that readers obtain strong knowledge in computer programming with the Java SE language.•Get the reader to acquire practical skills by using advanced Java SE concepts.•Have the reader write computer programs based on object-oriented programming with the Java SE language.Recipients The book is aimed at anyone who wants to learn to program computers with Java SE, also the book is very useful for people who want to teach the Java language. The professionals will find a modern and updated work worthy of being studied and put into practice.Level of the book: it is of advanced level. It requires knowledge of the basic details of the Java SE language.The content of the book is applicable to all operating systems.

Author: Carlos Privitera

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