PDB Me to Oracle Cloud Pocket Solutions Guide: A Lazy DBA’s Guide to Mastering Multitenant Features on Oracle Cloud

This book focuses on range of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Multitenant features on Oracle Cloud, including faster PDB cloning with no downtime, tighter resource control at the PDB level, ILM Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) policies for PDBs using Heat Maps, and even FLASHBACK recovery for individual PDBs. This book explores the latest features of Oracle Database 12cR1 and 12cR2 Multitenant option and provides practical, hands-on experience; as well as numerous code examples that can immediately be leveraged when deploying, upgrading to, and migrating to CDBs and PDBs with zero downtime. This book also demonstrates compelling Multitenant features such as: • Migrating Databases to Oracle Cloud • How to Perform Extreme Consolidation with Oracle PDBs • How to Deal with Oracle Wallets in Oracle Cloud • Application Containers: Isolating Applications from Each Other • Juggling Hot PDBs: Multitenant Migration Techniques • Implementing PDB Memory, CPU, I/O, and Other Resource Limits • Hot Data, Cold Data: Leveraging ILM and ADO for PDBs

Author: Charles Kim

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