Oracle SQL Performance Tuning and Optimization: It’s all about the Cardinalities

Written by a Senior Database Administrator who has worked with the Oracle RDBMS for thirty years, this is a book which teaches the skill of SQL Tuning for the Oracle Database. Not a list of one-off tricks or tips, nor a glossing over of topics; this book offers an in-depth process covering discovery, analysis, and problem resolution. Learn the science behind SQL Tuning.Learn and apply the FILTERED ROWS PERCENTAGE Cardinality based method of tuningDetermine a query's Driving Table and Join OrderConstruct Query Diagrams, Data Models, and Join TreesBuild and use Count / Filter / and Reconstruction QueriesIdentify Waste in a Query Execution PlanZero in on Cardinality Divergence using Estimated vs. ActualsUse the ACCESS / FILTER / COVERAGE strategy to build indexes for Problem QueriesExploit THE 2% RULE in analyzing Access method and Join methodClassify queries as Precision Style or Warehouse StyleUnderstand Hash Join mechanics and make Hash Joins go fasterMake HINTS work as Detection Tools rather than clubsAvoid early Database Design flawsManage Statistics and deal with common Statistics problems(NDV, Uniform Distribution, Independence, Dynamic Sampling)(Staleness, Skew, Dependence, Defaulting, Out-Of-Bounds, Transiency, Bloat)Perfect your Question Based Analysis Techniqueand moreIncluded are: a special chapter for EXADATA, a LAB which demonstrates the cardinality based process of SQL Tuning, and twenty three magical SQL scripts that make the process of SQL tuning easy to do. Learn the skill of SQL Tuning as taught by an expert who does it for a living, and become the go-to specialist in your company.Chapter 1: DRIVING TABLE and JOIN ORDERChapter 2: Ways to Use a Query Execution PlanChapter 3: The Best Indexes for a QueryChapter 4: JOINSChapter 5: HINTSChapter 6: BASICSChapter 7: ROW COUNTS and RUN TIMESChapter 8: EXADATALAB: Reverse Engineering the QEPAppendix: Know Your ScriptsScripts for analyzing queries and plansScripts for examining an active databaseScripts for looking at metadatashowplanshowplanshortshowplanconstraintsshowplancountqueriesshowplandatamodelshowplandrivingtableshowplanfilterqueriesshowplanfrpspreadsheetcodeshowplanindexesshowplannumrowsshowplanquerydiagramshowplantablesshowplantablesuniqueloadplanfromcacheloadplanfromhistshowtopcpushowownershowindexesshowconstraintsshowcolstatsshowhistogramsshowallscanratesshowallworkareasIt's all about the Cardinalities

Author: Kevin Meade

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