Oracle Essbase Studio Study Guide

Oracle Essbase Studio simplifies cube construction by delivering a single environment for performing tasks related to data modeling, cube designing, and analytic application construction. By consolidating cube construction activities into one interface, Essbase Studio provides a consistent platform for building outlines and loading data. With a wizard-driven user interface, Essbase Studio supports modeling various data source types from which Oracle Essbase applications are typically built, making it a single point from which all cube-related data modeling can be performed. A common metadata repository, or catalog, captures all metadata related to all Essbase applications built in the enterprise and allows the reuse of metadata at the lowest level of granularity. The catalog gives Essbase Studio knowledge of the common metadata that is shared across the various applications enterprise-wide. Essbase Studio also supports lineage tracking through a rich graphical view of the metadata relationships, allowing users to follow application lineages to their metadata components and through to the data sources from which they were sourced.

Author: Dr Jim Ras

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