Oracle Essbase Database Administrator’s Study Guide: Volume 1

Oracle Essbase products provide companies the ability to deliver critical business information to the right people when they need it. Essbase--a multi-threaded OLAP database software that takes advantage of symmetric multiprocessing hardware platforms--is based on Web-deployable, thin-client architecture. The server acts as a shared resource, handling all data storage, caching, calculations, and data security. The Essbase Server client needs only to retrieve and view data that resides on a server. To implement a multidimensional database, you install Essbase, and then you design and create an application and databases. You analyze data sources and define requirements carefully and decide whether a single-server approach or a partitioned, distributed approach better serves your needs. The application and database that you create must satisfy the information needs of your users and your organization. Therefore, you identify source data, define user information access needs, review security considerations, and design a database model. The design and operation of an Essbase multidimensional database are key to achieving a well-tuned system that enables you to analyze business information efficiently. Defining only one database per application enables enhanced memory usage and ease of database administration.

Author: Dr Jim Ras

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