Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interface

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interface shows how to use Enterprise Manager’s powerful scripting language to automate your database administration work and save time by scripting routine tasks, and then executing those scripts across collections of databases and instances in your environment. This book is chock full of ready-made scripting examples contributed by the authors and leading members of the community. For example, you'll find scripts and examples of commands to:Remove an Enterprise Manager agent and its related targetsQuickly create administrator accounts that are fully-configured with pre-expired passwords and all needed rolesInvoke batch files to execute sequences of related commands with consistency against multiple targetsBatch create large groups of user logins with a single commandand more!The Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI) is the administrator's key to unlocking the power of Enterprise Manager 12c (EM12c) with scalability, repeatability, and confidence. In previous versions, most administrators ventured into the command-line interface only with the assistance of Oracle Support. But now there are many features in EM12c that are accessible only from the command-line. This is far from a disadvantage! Enterprise Manager is now a powerful tool for automation in the hands of a skilled database administrator.Enterprise Manager scripting offers potential for all administrators who manage Oracle’s enterprise-level products in their environment. You can automate from the smallest, single-instance configuration all the way up to a broadly distributed enterprise-level rollout having database instances strewn across broad geographical distributions. The power of the EM CLI returns the administrator to the golden age, where the entire environment, from database to application to infrastructure, can often be managed from this powerful command line tool secured by the robust Enterprise Manager framework.Brings a golden-age of automation to Oracle Database administratorsProvides ready-made scripts contributed by leading members of the communityCovers advanced techniques involving Jython and PythonWhat you’ll learnLearn the architecture that makes EM CLI so powerful.Secure the EM CLI framework in your own environment for ease of management.Write scripts to execute tasks consistently across individual targets, multiple targets, or even monitored groups.Schedule your scripts; detect and manage exceptions when they fail.Build a library of scripts to be shared among your administrative team and/or share them globally via the web.Who this book is for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Command-Line Interface is written for database administrators and others who are using Enterprise Manager 12c. The book is especially aimed at those wanting to take advantage of EM CLI's scripting engine to automate tasks and leverage their time across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of database and other instances being managed. Table of Contents1. Architecture2. Installation and Security Framework3. Terminology and Basics4. Working from Command Line5. Automating through Shell Scripts6. Writing Native EM12c Scripts7. The Software Library and Extensibility Exchange8. Scripting Examples and Cookbook

Author: Kellyn Pot'Vin

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