Oracle Blockchain Services Quick Start Guide: Build effective Blockchain applications on the Oracle cloud using Hyperledger Fabric

Experiment building and executing blockchain solutions on Oracle ABCS.Key FeaturesGet the awareness and understanding of Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services from a technological perspective.Experiment with managing and building blockchain solutions using Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service.Appraise Blockchain and Hyperledger fabric use cases and its potential effects.Book DescriptionBlockchain empowered enterprises to scale out in an unprecedented way, allowing them to build and manage permissions, consortiums, and networks. Oracle provides you with a comprehensive blockchain cloud service for remodeling your business. This book explores the prominence of Oracle blockchain technology, concept, components, and features.The book starts with a detailed introduction of blockchain and Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services while teaching you about smart contracts and algorithms. It will take you through various use cases and stories of Hyperledger fabric, then talk in detail about the fabric model. It allows you to experience the ease of building blockchain solutions using Blockchain as a Service solution. You will learn to set up, implement, manage and test blockchain solutions on Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service.You will then learn all about the properties, features, components, business values, and the working of Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services. You will understand how to manage your blockchain and build your chaincode using Oracle ABCS.By the end of the book, you will have learned how to develop, deploy, and test applications using Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services.What you will learnUnmask Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service, features, components, relationship with fabric, setup and setting up users and access roles.Develop, deploy and test chaincode along with developing applications using REST APIs.Experiment with managing Blockchain, nodes, channels and building your own network (BYON).Set up your own network and consortium using Oracle ABCS.Experience Hyperledger fabric and delve into the underlying technologyDiscern various use cases for Blockchain and emphasis on Hyperledger fabric, use cases while also delving into the integration of BPM, ERP and legacy technologies with blockchain.Who This Book Is ForThis book is suited for all those who want to be hands-on with Oracle blockchain cloud services. It will resonate well with technical resources, architects, solution designer, and blockchain evangelists.About the AuthorVivek Acharya is an IT professional and lives in the USA. He has been in the world of design, development, consulting, and architecture for approximately 12 years. He is an Oracle Certified Expert, Blockchain Solution Architecture and Hyperledger Certified. He loves all the things associated with Cloud, AI, Blockchain, predictive analytics, social BPM. He has been the author for a couple of books, has an interest in playing the synthesizer, and loves traveling. You can add him on LinkedIn and explore more about him at his website 'wewakewithnoah'.

Author: Vivek Acharya

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