Object Oriented Programming (Java): Interview Questions & Answers

IntroductionIf you are looking for a job in software development you need to be ready to pass different technical interviews, and for that, you need to keep yourself updated with the core concepts which any developer should know. In practice maybe you will not use daily all those concepts but as a candidate for a future position, you should be aware of them.In this book, we will present the main questions that any software developer should know to answer in the connection with the well know programming paradigm: OOP (Object Oriented Programming).All examples presented in this book in order to prove the concepts are written in Java programming language. For DevelopersThe current book should serve as a quick guide to prepare yourself for passing any interview that involves knowledge in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts. For Recruiters The current book should serve as a quick guide to help you evaluate the knowledge of your candidates regarding the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) paradigm.


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