MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide

Practical instruction on using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with MySQL This hands-on guide teaches, step by step, how to use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with MySQL. Written by a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle, MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide shows how to quickly get started using JSON with MySQL and clearly explains the latest tools and functions. All content is based on the author’s years of interaction with MySQL professionals. Throughout, real-world examples and sample code guide you through the syntax and application of each method. You will get in-depth coverage of programming with the MySQL Document Store. •See how JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) works with MySQL•Use JSON as string data and JSON as a data type•Find the path, load data, and handle searches with REGEX•Work with JSON and non-JSON output•Build virtual generated columns and stored generated columns•Generate complex geometries using GeoJSON•Convert and manage data with JSON functions•Access JSON data, collections, and tables through MySQL Document Store

Author: David Stokes

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