Modern Java Recipes: Simple Solutions to Difficult Problems in Java 8 and 9

Need simple solutions to specific challenges with Java 8 and Java 9? This book of practical recipes provides a quick, easy reference for developers who prefer useful examples over detailed explanations. Modern Java Recipes shows you how to solve a wide range of problems using the newest features of Java.Learn functional programming with lambdas, method references, and streamsAdopt the new static and default methods in interfacesWork with the new set of functional interfaces added to the languageUse collectors and comparators to search, filter, and sort dataEmploy the new Optional type and use it correctlyUnderstand the new java.time package to handle Date and Time functionality, including time zone adjustmentsUse the Java Read-Eval-Print-Loop in Java 9Employ the new Jigsaw mechanism to modularize deployables

Author: Ken Kousen

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