Mastering Scala Programming

Key FeaturesThis comprehensive guide gets straight to the advanced programming concepts in ScalaGet a detailed coverage of Lightbend Lagom—the latest microservices framework from LightbendServerless applications deployment on HerokuBook DescriptionScala has developed over the years and now has a variety of practical applications in general application development, concurrency, testing, data science, cluster computing, and many more. Borrowing heavily from Java 8, Scala aims to provide improved flexibility, performance, and extendibility.This comprehensive guide is filled with advanced Scala concepts so you can create robust, testable, concurrent, actor-based systems ready for deployment. To accomplish all of this, we’ll start by reviewing some of the most important tenets of functional programming, useful patterns, testing, and finally how to start working with Akka for actor-based models.You will learn how to create unit tests using Scalatest and the different approaches it offers, how to test actors, and how to handle exceptions. The book covers microservices in detail with a focus on Lightbend Lagom. With the growing importance of serverless applications, you will learn to deploy one on Heroku.What you will learnGet to know core Functional Programming tenets and Scala’s most unique featuresSee the capabilities of the actor model and the Akka libraryPerform asynchronous programming with FuturesBuild microservices using Lightbend LagomDeploy your serverless applications on HerokuImplement efficient SBT projectsWork with design patterns to encapsulate actor logic and test that logicGet to know the true power of for expressions and how to use them efficientlyAbout the AuthorPablo Peraza is co-founder of Ciris Informatic Solutions. He got his degree in Systems Engineering in 2008 and began his career as a Java programmer at GBSYS in outsourced projects for the University of Costa Rica.He discovered Scala in 2009 and started programming with this language in just a year. Given that Pablo has been a Linux user for several years, he shares many ideologies and views of the open source world. In 2011, he decided to quit GBSYS to start his own company—Ciris Informatic Solutions. Later that same year, Ciris developed a search query software named Contact506. More than 40 different companies rely on it daily across the country.In 2012, he managed to start a business relationship with First Factory Inc. to produce software in Scala and MongoDB for Kaplan University. Ciris has already successfully completed one project and is working in more than three additional projects for Kaplan University, as well as giving advice to First Factory in Scala and MongoDB. In 2014, Ciris started developing cloud services for local enterprises. The first major one is a service for medical laboratories.

Author: Pablo Peraza

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