Learning Java 9 by Building Android Games – Second Edition: Learn Java 9 by creating fun filled games for Android

Explore the world of Java through Android game developmentKey FeaturesAcquaint yourself with Java 9 and object-oriented programming, from zero previous experienceBuild six cool games for your phone and tablet, from retro arcade-style games to memory and education games, and gain the knowledge to design and create your own games tooWalk through the fundamentals of building games and use that experience as a springboard to study advanced game development or just have funBook DescriptionThe book starts with an introduction to Java, Android, and game development and why it is a great combination to learn to program. You will build your first game- a Sub hunter by covering Object Oriented Programming, Java variables, Operators, expressions, If, else and switch to get the player’s input, working with While, Do While, For Loops, Break & Continue to enhance the game. You will also work with Java methods and how they help us organize and improve the game code.Moving on, you will implement key topic of OOP by developing 3 different games, which include interfaces, threads, exceptions, and working with objects with arrays. You will also get acquainted with Java collections, stack, heap and garbage collection.Next, you will explore more advanced OOP such as inheritance and polymorphism and software patterns, such as entity component pattern and Singleton pattern. You will work with the advanced game features such as Sprite sheet character animation and handle multiple screens and communicating between objects.By the end of the book, you will have built your knowledge and skills from complete beginner to a working Java developer by developing interesting games.What you will learnSet up an efficient, professional game development environment in Android StudioBuild games with real-time interaction using Java threads and implement locking/handling screen rotation, pixel graphics, clicks, animation, sound FX, and many other features in your games using 6 playable games with steadily increasing features and complexityExplore object-oriented programming (OOP) and design scalable, reliable, and well-written Android games or apps on almost any Android deviceBuild and deploy multiple games ranging from a simple screen-tapper game, a pong-style game, to a retro Snake game and a “bullet-hell” game. Build a side-scrolling shooter and a 2D platformer using advanced OOP conceptsExplore Java-OOP and Android then implement advanced features such as Cameras, object pools, inter-object communication, sprite-sheet character animation and much more.Be confident to redeploy your Android and Java skills outside the gaming and Android fieldsGain the knowledge to design and build your own games and publish them on the Google Play storeWho This Book Is ForThe ideal target audience for this book would be developers and programmers who want to learn the latest Java 9 language in a fun and interesting way, by developing games for the latest Android platform. Previous knowledge of Android programming is not required and also some broad programming knowledge is a must to get the most ut of this book.

Author: John Horton

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