Learn JavaScript: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Learn JavaScript Programming (Computer Programming)

Are you starting out in web developing? Do you need to learn about JavaScript?Are you looking for the perfect beginner’s guide to help you get started?You can have all of the above in one place, right now, with Learn JavaScript: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Learn JavaScript Programming.This fabulous resource for newcomers will help you to understand the simple syntax of this easy to understand and widely used language and will have you programming with JavaScript in double quick time.Here is a quick look at some of the topics covered inside this book:From sorting out the basics and getting startedThe variables, functions, events and loopsError and exception handlingAnd much more!This book outlines the basic principles in a simple and straightforward writing style that will allow you to quickly grasp and implement its functions.JavaScript is ideal for beginners as it is easy to learn. And because it is already supported by modern browsers you don’t need additional plugins to run it. So don’t wait any longer.Scroll up and get your copy now!

Author: Bruce Berke

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