Learn Java with examples in BlueJ: A beginner’s hands-on approach to learning Java

Learn Java with examples in BlueJ, gets you started programming in Java right away. Learning a complex new language is not an easy task especially when it’s an object-oriented programming language like Java. This practical beginner’s guide enables you to:Gain a solid understanding of Java.Understand difference between Procedure Oriented Programming (POP) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP).Teach you fundamental concepts of Object Oriented Programming, Objects and Classes.Each program shown with its associated output.Explanation of difficult lines of code.All programs compiled and executed in the BlueJ Development Environment.Extensive examples provided in each chapter.Empower you to develop logical and analytical thinking using object-oriented approach in Java.A hands-on and exercise-rich book in Java programming for beginners.Start brewing up great programs with Java!Knowledge of other programming languages is not required.Book designed to teach Java in readable style with small and direct programs making even arcane concepts clear.

Author: G. Suden

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