Learn Java the Easy Way: A Hands-On Introduction to Programming

Java is the world’s most popular programming language, but it’s known for having a steep learning curve. The editors at No Starch Press have worked to lower that learning curve with Bryson Payne’s latest book, Learn Java the Easy Way. Finally, a hands-on introduction to learning Java programming that will take you from absolute beginner to building Android and desktop apps.Bryson Payne, author of the best-selling Teach Your Kids to Code, begins with a Java crash course designed to bring first time programmers up to speed in JShell, an exciting new Java tool that simplifies Java development by allowing programmers to run single lines of code to get immediate feedback. Next, Payne takes you step-by-step through creating Java-based mobile and desktop apps including a guessing game, secret message encoder, and a multi-touch Android app.As you build you’ll learn how to use conditions, loops, and variables; create reusable methods; build a graphical user interface (GUI) and animations; even how to debug your code and deal with common mistakes.Learn how to:-Use JShell to test short programs, and see the results of your work right away-Use conditions, loops, and methods-Create functions to reuse code and save time-Build a graphical user interface (GUI) and animations for desktop and Android apps-Share your apps with friends or the rest of the world-Debug your code and find, fix, and prevent common mistakesIf you’ve been thinking about learning Java, Learn Java the Easy will get you up to speed quickly, with minimal headache.

Author: Bryson Payne

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