Learn Java: A Crash Course Guide to Learn Java in 1 Week: ( java programming , java for beginners , java programming for beginners, java coding , java )

Are you ready to program with Java in less than 1 week? This book is the ultimate beginners’ crash course to Java programming, as it will help you learn enough about the language in as little as 1 week! For one, Java is arguably the most acclaimed skill and is in demand nearly everywhere. IBM, Infosys, Twitter, Netflix, Google, Spotify, Uber, Amazon, Target, Yelp, Square, and other big players are always in need of a great Java programmer. Going by PayScale.com (the website that offers information about salary), an average Java developer earns about $70,000 annually. As a pro in the field, you have the entire globe to work over, as the demand is never restricted to a particular geographical area. This book is the ultimate guide specially designed to help you move from a person largely unacquainted with programming to a person who can actually teach the subject and complete good programming projects. Here’s the cool part: you get to learn the whole thing in ONE WEEK! It is updated to the latest versions (8 and 10) and the main topics of what the book will be about include:•Variables•Conditions•Loops•Arrays•Operators•User input•Classes•Objects •Methods•Object Oriented Programming which includes:- Inheritance- Encapsulation- Polymorphism- CompositionsAnd much, much more! Let’s begin our learning. Grab your copy today

Author: Timothy C. Needham

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