Learn Docker – .NET Core, Java, Node.JS, PHP or Python: Be ready to create and run your containerized application next week

***Special offer: 50% off the final book price while on preorder - Lasts until February 28th 2019***You're a developer who knows nothing to Docker. Which is fine, except that you need to create and run your first containerized application using Docker.Don't worry: I have you covered. I've been training hundreds of developers like you during 17 years, and converted my experience into this book. I know from experience teaching what takes more time to learn in Docker, and will spend time only where appropriate.Plus this book is packed with exercises and samples where you run your own containers and create your own Docker images.Read this book, and you can create and run your first containerized application using Docker within a week.Table of Contents:1. Why Docker? 2. Get Docker up and running 3. Basic concepts 4. Use Docker images5. Create Docker images6. Publish Docker images7. More about Running containers8. Docker with common development profiles9. Forget SDK installs10. Example cases

Author: Arnaud Weil

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