Learn Core Java Fundamentals: Volume1

Ask any experienced Java programmer, Core Java delivers the real-world guidance you need to accomplish even the most challenging tasks That’s why it’s been an international best seller for five straight years. Core Java 2, Volume 1-Fundamentals covers the fundamentals of Java 2 Platform Standard Edition, Version 1.3 and includes completely revised discussions of object-oriented Java development, enhanced coverage of Swing user interface components, and much more. The fifth edition delivers even more of the robust, real-world programs previous editions are famous for- updated to reflect JDK 1.3 deployment and performance enhancements. Volume 1 includes thorough explanations of inner classes, dynamic proxy classes, exception handling, debugging, the Java event model, Input/Output, and file management. For experienced programmers, Core Java 2, Volume 1-Fundamentals sets the standard-again!

Author: Virender Singh

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