LeanFT in Java: Beginner’s Guide

This book is for automation engineers who want to learn LeanFT to automate the web and windows applications in Java. It is assumed that reader has basic programming skills in Java language. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this book will help you master the skills on LeanFT. The book starts with introduction of LeanFT and then dives into key concepts as mentioned below. Supported applications,Installation ,LeanFT settings,Core Concepts,New LeanFT project in IntelliJ IDEA ,LeanFT Project in Eclipse,Object Identification and Management ,Automating Web applications, Automating windows applications,Synchronization,Assertions and Reports, LeanFT Frameworks,Converting the UFT Object Repository to Application models in LeanFT,Integrating the LeanFT tests with CI servers like Bamboo, Jenkins and TeamCity, Challenges and Solutions,LeanFT common issues and solutions,Comparing LeanFT with other tools,LeanFT Java References.

Author: Mr Paul Watson

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