JSP¿ and XML: Integrating XML and Web Services in Your JSP Application

The first Internet revolution was all about delivering information to people. We are now in the second revolution, which focuses on delivering information to systems. XML is the tool that makes this new revolution a reality, and Web services are the methods by which businesses will drive system-to-system communication. JSP(TM) and XML takes you beyond the basics, giving you practical advice and in-depth coverage. In the book, you'll learn the technologies and techniques needed to create your own Web services for use in JSP applications. Written by programmers for programmers, the book will help you successfully utilize these exciting technologies with minimal hassle and maximum speed.   In JSP™ and XML you will: Learn how to use XML, XSLT, and XPath in your JSP site Program SAX to speed up your XML document processing Understand DOM to learn the W3C standard method of working with XML Coordinate cross-browser client-side XML utilization Understand the Web services alphabet Learn how to leverage Web services to simplify access to your data Learn how SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI integrate into Web Services Use JDOM and dom4J to easily work with XML files Design a balanced JSP site using XML Expand your knowledge of JSP to add new functionality to your Web pages Learn how to practically apply Servlet filters and listeners to a Web site Build dynamic JSP pages that can self- modify, making sites easier to maintain Understand how the new JSP XML syntax works Review the basics of database access within JSP Learn JSP tag library design and how tag libraries simplify using XML and Web Services

Author: Casey Kochmer

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