JOP Reference Handbook: Building Embedded Systems with a Java Processor

This book is about JOP, the Java Optimized Processor. JOP is an implementation of the Java virtual machine (JVM) in hardware. The main implementation platform is a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). JOP began as a research project for a PhD thesis. In the mean time, JOP has been used in several industrial applications and as a research platform. JOP is a time-predictable processor for hard real-time systems implemented in Java. JOP is open-source under the GNU GPL and has a growing user base. This book is written for all of you who build this lively community. For a long time the PhD thesis, some research papers, and the web site have been the main documentation for JOP. A PhD thesis focus is on research results and implementation details are usually omitted. This book complements the thesis and provides insight into the implementation of JOP and the accompanying JVM. Furthermore, it gives you an idea how to build an embedded real-time system based on JOP.

Author: Martin Schoeberl

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