JavaGraphics for Games 1: JavaFX Line, Shape and Color (Volume 1)

This book has over 200 ready-to-run Java programs to make drawings on computers, with over 260 illustrations. The book is mainly for young humans who have a burning desire to express and develop their artistic creativity on computers using the Java language. Readers are shown how to simulate effects like watercolor washes as well as sketched ink lines. Using mouse control and methods of converting hand drawn sketches into java code are shown. The wide range of JavaFXD user interface classes are covered. Java was selected because it will run on modern computing devices including smartphones. The programs are short recipes that show how easy graphic programming can be. Short simple explanations in plain English are used and the applications are well commented. The recipes are built up, in each chapter, starting as simply as possible and moving to more complex programs that let you comfortably create 2D vector graphics. The code is free, in the Open Source sense - readers are encouraged to use the code and own it without worry about copyright. Teachers, scholars, students, and engineers who know it is possible to make valuable and fascinating models and simulations but have not found a handbook that pulls it all together in one place will find what they need in this recipe bank. Basic knowledge of Java programming is required and access to the Web and Google will be useful. This book is the first in a series that leads up the methods and tricks needed to invent and develop video games, classroom demonstrations and physics and engineering simulations.

Author: Mike Ohlson de Fine

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