Java Web Services: Up and Running

Learn how to develop REST-style and SOAP-based web services and clients with this quick and thorough introduction. This hands-on book delivers a clear, pragmatic approach to web services by providing an architectural overview, complete working code examples, and short yet precise instructions for compiling, deploying, and executing them. You’ll learn how to write services from scratch and integrate existing services into your Java applications.With greater emphasis on REST-style services, this second edition covers HttpServlet, Restlet, and JAX-RS APIs; jQuery clients against REST-style services; and JAX-WS for SOAP-based services. Code samples include an Apache Ant script that compiles, packages, and deploys web services.Learn differences and similarities between REST-style and SOAP-based servicesProgram and deliver RESTful web services, using Java APIs and implementationsExplore RESTful web service clients written in Java, JavaScript, and PerlWrite SOAP-based web services with an emphasis on the application levelExamine the handler and transport levels in SOAP-based messagingLearn wire-level security in HTTP(S), users/roles security, and WS-SecurityUse a Java Application Server (JAS) as an alternative to a standalone web server

Author: Martin Kalin

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