Java: The Ultimate Crash Course For Beginners!

The Ultimate Java Crash Course For Beginners – Learn it easily in 1 Hour! SPECIAL OFFER - OVER 50% DISCOUNT LIMITED TIME ONLY $2.99! (Regularly priced: $5.99) The Java Programming Language was first built in 1991 by five employees of Sun Microsystems Inc – Ed Frank, Mike Sheridan, Chris Warth, James Gosling and Patrick Naughton. Their idea was to build a programming language, which can be used on different platforms and could create embedded software that can be sued for consumer electronics. During those times, C and C++ were the accepted programming languages. However, these are not efficient for consumer applications. These languages also rely on their platform as the programs written using them should be compiled first for certain hardware before they become useful. In this book you will master: Java Fundamentals Writing Your First Program Syntax Errors and Data Types Java Control Statements Java Methods, Objects, and Classes Arrays And a lot more! Scroll Up and Become a Java Master Today!

Author: Mark Heisenberg

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