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Nothing in recent times has drawn more attentions of developers than microsoft's new . Net platform. Reason is simple. It is going to bring about a major change in the way applications are developed. C++ is the only language in the world today that can help you write managed as well as unmanaged code in the same application. This has a major implications. You can continue to use your existing code at the same time exploit the features offered by . Net, microsoft's bold new technology. With access to . Net base classes c++ developers would have more flexibility and power. Packed with plenty of programs, this book would help developers understand and enjoy the benefits of . Net, tickling their humor bones at times. Table of contents . Net vision . Net framework installing vs. Net vs. Net development environment personalize vs. Net the . Net base classes thinking in c++ thinking in managed c++ - i thinking in managed c++ - ii arrays and strings properties exception handling winforms - gdi+ controls menus, toolbar and statusbars events and delegates assemblies versioning collection classes file i/o and predefined attributes multithreading networking ado. Net asp. Net creating web services mixing managed and unmanaged code miscellaneous

Author: Yashavant P. Kanetkar

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