Java Security

"This book is mandatory reading for every user and developer of webware." —Peter G. Neumann Moderator of the Risks Forum Do you know how to sort out fact from fiction when it comes to Java security? Did you know that whenever you surf the Web with Netscape or Internet Explorer you are using Java? That means that someone else's code is running untested on your computer. Don't wait for a hostile applet to show you how vulnerable your site is. International security experts Gary McGraw and Edward Felten —leader of the famed Princeton team —tell you how Java security works, and how it doesn't. McGraw and Felten give you all the information you need to create a reasonable Java use strategy. Java Security gives you: Guidelines for using Java more safely today What to expect in the Java security future A clear treatment of the risks of using Java Vital information explaining the three prongs of the Java security model: the Byte Code Verifier, the Applet Class Loader, and the Security Manager Clear explanations of holes in the Java security model Whether you're a webmaster, an information technology manager charged with creating an intelligent security policy for your organization, or a concerned Web user, this book is must reading. visit this book's companion web site at: visit our web site at: I

Author: Gary McGraw

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