Java Quizmaster for Beginners: Learn, test and improve your Java skills in 105 quizzes , 117 assignments and many code examples (Volume 1)

Thousands of words cannot describe a face better than a picture. This principle also applies to learning programming. In reality, working as a programmer is quite different than what the most traditional training would teach you. In fact, no one asks whether you know a particular term, but you will get hundreds of lines of code, and you must be able to deal with it. That is why this book offers many complete executable small programs (quizzes) to practice programming from the very beginning. It also offers many assignments and example code. This book is published in English as well as in Dutch and divides Java into 17 topics. Each topic starts with a short theoretical explanation and follows by example code. Then you start to solve quizzes regards that specific topic. Don't worry if you can't solve a quiz, because the answers of the quizzes are in the same book with explanation.  The book contains 105 quizzes, 117 assignments and many example code. If you finish this book you can start your career as a beginner Java programmer. The answers of the assignments are in the teacher's guide. The Dutch version of this book is published and is used for educational purposes by MBO ICT students (intermediate professional education). It is also suitable for individuals who want to learn Java programming language. On, you can find more information about this book and how to setup the code in Eclipse.

Author: Sar Maroof

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