Java Projects – Fundamentals of Java 18.9 – Second Edition: Practical projects to get you up and running with Java 18.9

Learn how to build scalable, resilient and effective applications in Java that suit your software requirementsKey FeaturesThis book will show you the best practices of Java coding and improve your productivityUnderstand and actively use the Java language constructs, develop enterprise level programsUse and apply complex information technology structures and create programs that fit into these structuresBook DescriptionJava is one of the most used software languages by programmers and developers. It powers massive applications from Google to Amazon all over the world. Java Projects will cover essential concepts in Java by implementing them in various applications. You will learn about the newest features introduced in Java 18.9 and develop the skills required for building robust, easily scalable and maintainable code in Java.This book gets you started with essential software development easily and quickly, guiding you through Java’s different facets. By adopting this approach, you can bridge the gap between learning and do immediately. You will learn the new features of Java 18.9 quickly and experience a simple and powerful approach to software development. You will be able to use the Java runtime tools, understand the Java environment, and create a simple name sorting Java application. Furthermore, you'll learn advanced technologies that Java delivers, like web programming, parallel computing and develop a mastermind game.We then cover more simple examples to build your foundation before diving to some complex data structure problems that will solidify your Java 18.9 skills. With a special focus on the features of new projects Project Valhalla, Project Panama, Project Amber and Project Loom, this book will guide you to get employed as a top-notch Java developer.By the end of the book, you will have a firm foundation to continue your journey towards becoming a professional Java developer.What you will learnCompile, package and run a trivial program using a build management toolUnderstand and actively use the Java language constructs, develop enterprise level programsGet to know the principles of test-driven development and dependency managementSeparate the wiring of multiple modules from the application logic into an application using dependency injectionSee the workings of the Spring framework and use Java annotations for the configurationMaster the scripting API built into the Java language and use the built-in JavaScript interpreterUnderstand static versus dynamic implementation of code and high-order reactive programming in JavaWho This Book Is ForThis book is for anyone who wants to learn the Java programming language. No programming experience required. If you have prior experience, it will help you through the book more easily.About the AuthorPeter Verhas is a senior software engineer and software architect having electrical engineering and economics background from TU Budapest (MsC) and PTE Hungary (MBA) and also studied at TU Delft and TU Vienna. He created his first programs in 1979, and since then he has authored several open source programs. He has worked in several positions in the telecommunications and finance industries and was the CIO of the Hungarian start-up during its early days.Peter works for EPAM Systems in Switzerland, participating in software development projects at various customer sites, and he supports talent acquisition by interviewing candidates, training programs for developers, and internal mentoring programs.

Author: Peter Verhas

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