Java Programming: The Beginning Beginner’s Guide (Beginning Beginners’ Guide Book 1)

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Understanding the fundamentals of Java is not just for geeks-- but part of modern digital literacy. After completing this book you will understand how the Java Programming Language works and even be able to write a few programs on your own!In this book you'll learn by doing. You'll create your first Java program in the first chapter. Every command, instruction and nuance in the code will be fully explained. You'll complete this book feeling confident knowing you've build a foundation on which you can additional programming skills.If you've never written a line of code before-- or even if you've tried to learn in the past-- this book is for you. Designed specially for the complete and total beginner, this IS the book that will teach you to code.About the Beginning Beginner's SeriesThis Beginning Beginner’s series of books was born out of a frustration: Most Beginning books on web and mobile development were not designed for true beginners.Often in beginners’ books the language was over complicated and laden with jargon that only those with programming experience understand. The books assume too much prior knowledge or experience. In the end, many people new to programming gnashed their teeth in frustration and gave up. The fact is that programming is completely approachable and even fun to learn if taught correctly.That’s exactly what the Beginning Beginners’ Guide series aims to do: Help true beginners learn to code.This series of programming books is for you if you’ve never written a line of code before—or if you’ve tried to learn from other books unsuccessfully. You CAN learn to code well. You don’t have to be mathematically oriented, or uber-intelligent. Learning to code won’t always be easy—but it is doable. If you can manipulate an Excel spreadsheet, you can learn programming.

Author: Keshav Patel

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